10 hours ago

So we have a final tally on this year's firearms-related bills, and the grand total is 43.

These include:
Assault weapon bans.
All Magazines must be ten or less rounds (including rifles).
A ban on ... See more

2 days ago

Our legislative meeting is tonight. We got dinner. We got sign making materials. We got a guest speaker. Come down and show your support.

3 days ago

Our Rally at the state capitol is less then a week away. Sadly the govonor or won’t be able to make it, but we hope you will.

3 days ago
Hawaii Firearms coalition, Featured on Hawaii News Now story about new gun laws.

“Most of these laws are a knee-jerk reaction,” said Namiki Roberts, of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition.

“It only hurts law-abiding gun owners. You are putting more burdens on gun owners who are ... See more

4 days ago

Hawaii legislators need to stop blaming guns and start blaming themselves.

Hawaii residents, according to the Attorney General has approximately 2 million firearms. If guns were actually the reason ... See more

5 days ago

Not one gun law, current or proposed, could of stoped this tragedy from happening. Hawaii’s legislator needs to stop blaming firearms and gun owners and start to take a long hard look at the ... See more

6 days ago


Report Title: Permits to Obtain Rifles and Shotguns
Description: Conforms the permitting process for rifles and ... See more

1 week ago
Hawaii Firearms Coalition

Hawaii Firearms Coalition would like to share our deepest, heartfelt sympathies to the family's of the fallen officers and Honolulu Police Department which has lost two of its own. Comfort one ... See more

1 week ago

HB1598 - HIFICO’s position: OPPOSE

HB1598 on the surface seems like a good idea, it would take the decision to issue carry permits away from the county police ... See more

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