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Maui Alert why spread the false narrative that a firearm was used in a crime ? The photo clearly shows an air rifle, which is not a gun.

The term gun, rifle and firearm are used throughout the ... See more

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How can a gun enthusiast still claim their right to bear arms is more important than public safety?

Read it before commenting

Paul Harding's answer: All of your Constitutional Rights come at the cost of safety. For example, you would be much safer if I could search houses, cars, and people whenever I wanted to, for any ... See more

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I visited the Mom's Demand Action rally today to learn about their concerns and meet them. I had a good conversation with a few of them and we share the same end goal, safety, with vastly different ... See more

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Now stocking @aero_precision Ar15 & M5 lowers and parts kits đź‘Ť #saveyourselfthetransferfees

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Mackenzie Stasko

But carrying a firearm outside your home is illegal.

#WATCH: Honolulu police need your help finding two men who robbed a 7-Eleven cashier at gunpoint.

The robbery happened on Saturday at the 7-Eleven in Moanalua. Surveillance video captured two ... See more

5 days ago
Kai Kahele

Make sure to head on over to his original post and let him know where you stand on gun control.

This "person" cites Hawaii having low rates of gun deaths while FALSELY CLAIMING Hawaii has banned ... See more

‪#GunControl Works. Since 1992, the ban on semiautomatic weapons & assault pistols in Hawai'i have resulted in the lowest rates of death from guns in the nation. Once elected to Congress, I will ... See more

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Getting justice against police brutality in a small liberal town

Our attorney Alan beck doesn’t just do gun rights work he does all civil rights.

In this case an older man who has a shoulder implant was beaten by officers because he couldn’t physically bend ... See more

Image by Victor via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/v1ctor/6711234961/). When the police department of a small, mostly white, mostly liberal California town is sued for brutalizing an old black ... See more

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Met Danielle through a Dailywire article and took her and her friends to the range to shoot and discuss gun rights. I encourage everyone to take a new person to the range each quarter and tell them ... See more

Thank you Todd Yukutake of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition for taking some time to teach me about the historical and contemporary facts on the 2nd Amendment.

I am a small-ish woman who has been ... See more

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Photos from Hawaii Firearms Coalition's post

Kauai Friends of the NRA Fundraiser

I attended the FNRA charity banquet last week at the Kauai Beach Resort. I was surprised by the large turnout which was close to 200. Food was great and there ... See more

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Photos from Hawaii Firearms Coalition's post

Visited Maui this week and met some good people on Maui , Three Percenters, patriots actively fighting for gun rights, and The Well Armed Woman who promote training with firearms for self defense. ... See more

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