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Heller Day - June 26th

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the historic SCOTUS decision in District of Columbia v Heller affirming an individual's 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. This ... See more

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Governor David Ige

Gov Ige will announce bills he intends to veto. SB600 "under 21 firearm importation ban" and SB1466 "red flag" are still up. If these bills are not announced, then they become law automatically ... See more

#LIVE: Today at 2PM

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Attorney Alan Beck

We took Alan to the range today.

When you’re in Hawaii and your clients ask if you want to go shoot. You say yes.
Always say yes.

1 week ago

At the Hawaii district court today with Our lawyers Attorney Alan Beck and Stephen

1 week ago

Alan Back and Stephen Stamboulieh, attorneys in the Young v Hawaii open carry case, are in town. Visit them as we have dinner at the Prince Waikiki.

Seats are limited so let me know if you're ... See more

2 weeks ago

For our Big Island folks, town hall with Sen Ruderman tomorrow. I'm interested to hear about the crime situation in Pahoa. Attend and bring up gun rights, crime, and hunting issues. See you there.

2 weeks ago
Suspects beat victim with a machete handle

It yet The state make subs all victims.

CrimeStoppers and HPD are looking for suspects involved in an attack that happened inside a school bathroom.

1 month ago

Just a reminder for those that are planning to go out shopping this memorial day weekend.

1 month ago
Gun Group Sues FBI For Records On State Fingerprint Program

So here it is, we haven’t even got the information from the FBI and the state is already admitting they are in the wrong. They haven’t got permission from the FBI to use Rapback for gun owners. ... See more

The Hawaii Firearms Coalition says it's trying to find out why the state is retaining registered gun owners' fingerprints.

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