1 month ago

Rumor is, HPD is reopening for walk-ins on May 10th, but only for local registrations.
More details coming soon.

1 month ago

HB891: RELATING TO ELECTRIC GUNS is on its way to the governor and had the intent of legalizing electronic weapons (such as tasers and stun guns). Now, this sounds like a great thing, BUT... Hawaii's ... See more

1 month ago

2A online debate coming up shortly.


1 month ago

Join Empowered 2A Next Week, with Marjorie Taylor Greene

RSVP to Zoom With By Next Wednesday (April 28)!

Join Marjorie Taylor Greene for the April Empowered 2A Zoom meeting with Special Guest ... See more

2 months ago

So it was bought to our attention that HPD is no longer allowing people to cancel appointments online. To cancel an appointment you must call the department and have them cancel in on your behalf. ... See more

2 months ago

So it's official.

Magzine and 50cal bills are both dead.

Only 3 bills remain alive and will go to the governor.
HB31 : Firearms; Storage; Responsibility with Respect to Minors
HB891: Electric ... See more

2 months ago

From John Correa, of Active Self Protection.

Dear President Biden,

When the Bill of Rights was ratified, the United States was writing Letters of Marque and Reprisal. (it’s right there in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution) That means ... See more

2 months ago

Opposing Testimony Needed for HB1366 "Ghost Guns"

The Senate Judiciary/Ways and Means committees is having the final hearing for HB1366 which bans the possession of unserialized parts that you ... See more

2 months ago
roberts motion for sumary dispostiion ninth circuit.pdf | PDF Host

This is the motion we filed regarding our Tazer lawsuit.

If you want to stay on top of lawsuits related to the second amendment and freedom, give Attorney Alan Becks page a follow.

PDF Host read free online - roberts motion for sumary dispostiion ninth circuit.pdf

2 months ago

Current guide for purchasing a firearm on Oahu (similar process on other islands).

Yes we’re aware of the problems with the permitting system.

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