This is the full body camera video from when we spoke to the committee clerk. What he says is different to what was reported on the news (by senate communications).

IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE. It was a deliberate act.
Under the senators direction the committee has NOT accepted any e-mail testimony submitted to that e-mail address for 2 sessions.
The e-mail’s were not correctly handled
The testimony was never seen by the committee.
The testimony should not be added to the committee report as it was not a factor in deciding the merits of the bill.

These bills should be deferred until next session. An investigation should be conducted by the senate, showing how many testimony’s on how many bills have been effected by this over the last 2 years and an apology should be made.





1 day ago

Still looking for a bunch more people to attend our small rally at the capitol. This is important to oppose 3 bad firearms bills and support 1 good one in the Senate.

SIgnup here: ... See more

1 day ago
Your testimony dont count

Since the beginning of this Legislative session Hawaii Firearm Coalition has been working with its members and members of the public to get them involved with the legislative process and defend their ... See more

Almost 700 testimony enterys were denied enter into the official record and wernt even seen by the legislators before making a decision on gun laws that effe...

5 days ago
2019 HIFICO Bills

There's a lot of testimony for bills in committee hearings tomorrow. Of concern is a the Rep Lees bill on CCW restrictive requirements/electric gun ban repeal, protective orders, and changes to ... See more

AllBills HIFICO 2019 Legislature Firearm Bills Learn about the lawmaking process and how to testify by watching "your voice" at http://lrbhawaii.org/par/vidi.html,Hearing scheduled For information on ... See more

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Over the last few weeks Hawaii Firearms Coalition has been helping you the people submit testimony to the Hawaii state legislators.

We ... See more

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BIG NEWS COMING. Have a fun photo for attention.

1 week ago

Packing up shirts and membership packets to mail out.

Thanks for those that are members, for those who want to be you can visit our website at www.hifico.org/membership
Membership is $25 for a year ... See more

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Timeline Photos

When you actually need results nothing works better then boots on the ground.
Providing information at Koko head range.

Dont forget to send in your tesstimony for and against the proposed gun laws ... See more

1 week ago

We are looking for a current or past firearm owner who got their firearm confiscated by HPD due to being under the age of 21. Per HRS134-3 there is no age limit to registering a firearm. So a 18 ... See more

1 week ago

The STATE of Hawaii does as much as it can to stop people being heard. They know that us working folks cant take off days upon days to submit testimony in person.

They know that by limiting the ... See more

Below is a list of bills going through the 2019 legislative session that relate to Firearms and Firearms rights.YOU NOW NEED TO SUBMIT TESTIMONY ON THESE BILLS. TO DO SO CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON NEXT ... See more

1 week ago
Hunting Bills

Hunting bills are in committee for HB590, HB591, HB1325, and SB324 for a hearing on Wednesday Feb 6th .Submit SUPPORTING testimony whether you are a hunter or not. Submit testimony through the ... See more

Below is a list of bills going through the 2019 legislative session that relate to Hunting.YOU NOW NEED TO SUBMIT TESTIMONY ON THESE BILLS. TO DO SO CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON NEXT TO EACH BILL NUMBER. ... See more

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