Hawaii Firearms Coalition (HIFICO). It’s a 501c4 located in Honolulu, Hawaii but representing the entire state.

As you may or may not know Hawaii is on the fringe of being the worst location to own firearms. With firearms ownership involving multiple trips to police stations waiting weeks for consent to purchase and signing waivers of other rights only to be told that your firearm must stay within your home.

We are changing that, we are unifying Hawaii’s firearms owners and those that believe in the constitutionally protected right to bear arms and motivation them to stand up, be counted and effect change. .

We are focusing on for main areas –
Outreach: Organize events and bring together all members of the shooting community under a collective umbrella to further the rights of shooters.
LegislationALWAYS fight for the right to bear arms. We work with our legislators to introduce and change laws to benefit the shooting community whilst at the same time opposing laws that endanger of infringe on that right. Teach the community on how to be involved and how to make changes using the legislative process.
Education: Provide access to honest firearms information and educational experiences we help create a safe environment where everyone learns about the safe use of firearms.
Legal: Actively take part in the legal actions when need to correct laws and the enforcement of laws.

We welcome all people to our organizations and hope to have as many people actively working with us in support of the people’s right to bear arms.

Current Legal action :
Young VS Hawaii : This Lawsuit is a challenge to Hawaii’s ban on carrying a firearm outside of the home and is currently at the 9th circuit of appeals.
Hawaii Firearms Coalition is supporting My Young’s fight and has hired a lawyer to submit an amicus brief on our behalf.
Roberts vs. Ballard; et al : This Lawsuit is a challenge to Hawaii’s ban on Stun guns and electric weapons and is currently in the federal district court.
This lawsuit is filed by one of directors

Directors and board members
Todd Yukutake
Jon Abbott
Andrew Namiki Roberts

Bylaws :