Call your legislator!

Call and email your DISTRICT SENATOR and HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE and tell them “I am a resident in your district and I want you to support or oppose the following firearms bills:

SUPPORT House bill HB662 Restore limited gun ownership to some prohibited persons for hunting and target shooting.
OPPOSE House Bill HB891 Legalizes Electric Gunss with many unwanted restrictions and regulations
OPPOSE House Bill HB1366 Bans possession of “Ghost Guns”, unserialized/unregistered 80% receivers and parts
OPPOSE Senate Bill SB301 Bans all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, no grandfathering
OPPOSE Senate Bill SB307 Bans all rifles and handguns that can fire a 50cal or larger bullet.
(Click the links above for more information about the bill)

Find your DISTRICT SENATOR and HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE contact information at Please be respectful when talking to your legislator and the staff as we need their support. Invite them to the shooting range. The floor vote will take place shortly sometime between March 4th and March 11th . A floor vote, also called a “reading”, occurs when a bill passes it’s committees and is voted on by all 51 Representatives or 25 Senators to continue to the next legislative phase. If you or the legislators have any questions on these bills, please email