Testimonies HB2292

HB2292, is for hearing on the 11th
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Repeals section 134-16, Hawaii Revised Statutes, the current law that bans electric guns, and replaces it with a law that restricts the use, storage, transfer, and disposal of electric guns, regulates the sale of electric guns, requires training and education on electric guns, prohibits certain individuals from the possession and use of electric guns, and prohibits the use of electric guns in the commission of crimes.


  • This bill would severely hamper the public ability to own and use a taser for self-defense.
  • The training required does not exist.
  • Training would be costly.
  • It prevents the gifting of tasers to a loved one or friend.
  • The registration system would be burdensome to stores and retailers.
  • Bill prevents online purchases.
  • No other state has these requirements.
  • Cheaper and/or easier to purchase a firearm.
  • Items are not serialized.
  • Impossible to enforce.