Rally 2020


Everyone is invited to this rally who wants a safer Hawaii and to protect our right to keep and bear arms.  We want people to line the front of the State Capitol and tell the legislators and Governor that we are tired of being victims of crime and to stop the infringements on our firearm rights.

Also attend the HIFICO Legislative Meeting and Rally Prep on Saturday January 25th 5:30pm at Oahu Veterans Center.  We will go over the legislative bills concerning firearms and talk about the rally and work on sign making.

Want to volunteer?  We need your help.  Email todd@hifico.org.

Pass this PDF flyer to the stores, clubs, and ranges.  HIFICO Rally 2020

Themes for the Rally:

  1.  Be tough on crime
  2.  Support the right to self-defense
  3.  Block potential legislation proposals:
    1. Limiting rifle magazines to 5 rounds or less
    2. Ammunition background checks
    3. Removing the 1 year long gun permit – a permit is required for each purchase.
    4. Ban or restrictions on firearms manufacturing “Ghost Guns”
    5. Restrictions on electric guns and tasers
  4. Support good legislation:
    1. Issue concealed carry weapons permits
    2. Overturn the ban on electric guns and tasers without restrictions
    3. Reimbursement of criminal trial fees if found not guilty due to self-defense
    4. Stronger protections on use of force against forceful entry of a home or business.


Tentative Agenda:

7:30am    Sign-in at the front of the Capitol (Mauka side)
8:30am    Rally begins along Beretania St.
10:30am  Breakout session to meet legislators
12:00pm  Lunch (provided)
12:45pm  2A history in the auditorium
2:00pm    End of rally



Parking will be difficult to find so get there early.  I recommend carpooling and using alternative transportation such as ride sharing, the bus, biki bikes, etc.

Parking suggestions will be posted at a later time.