Rally 4-15-19

UPDATE 4-13-19

We don’t have any formal plan, just joining Stolen Stuff Hawaii’s anti-crime/corruption rally to promote people’s “right to keep and bear arms” against crime. Take part in the rally and educate other people and legislature on how guns can prevent crime. I (Todd Yukutake) will be at the legislative activism table in the rotunda (ground floor)

The Rally time has changed to 10am to 4pm and you don’t have to stay the whole day, just take part when you can. We want try and get most people to be there at 2pm to mass.

Wear your HIFICO or 2a related shirt to represent and bring family and friends. There will be a podium for any victims of crime to speak out. Refreshments are provided. We have signs there, or you can bring your own.

Parking might be in short supply at the State Capitol’s basement parking lot on Miller St. (driveway across Punchbowl St. from Queens Hospital. There are other State/City parking lots in the area. Alternative transportation recommended.


HIFICO is gathering a group of energized members to attend the Stolen Stuff Hawaii – Hawaii Against Crime & Corruption Rally at the State Capitol.  Wear your yellow HIFICO shirts to represent gun owners against crime.  We’ll attend the rally events in our HIFICO group and educate the other attendees on how Law Abiding Gun Owners can help prevent crime.

I’m one of the planners for the SSH event and I’ll update you with more information in the future.  You can also see the SSH rally post at Stolen Stuff Hawaii on Facebook

Hawaii State Capitol
Monday, April 15 10am to 4pm, Focus on 2pm (Changed)
Wear your HIFICO shirts, other gun related shirts, or casual attire.
Parking will be difficult to find, I suggest catching the bus, carpooling, getting dropped off, etc.

Please email todd@hifico.org to RSVP.

Learn more about it: