On April 5th the Hawaii Legislators sent HB720 to the Governors office. The Governor has the opportunity to VETO the bill.

HB720 : Requires firearm owners to report lost, stolen, or destroyed firearms. (HB720 HD1)

Reasons to Oppose:

  • Turns a crime victim into a potential criminal.
  • Victims may have to hire an attorney, face an investigation, and go through a criminal trial to prove their innocence.
  • Victims have the burden of proving when they discovered guns were stolen or lost.
    Victims may be reluctant to report even if innocent, defeating the purpose of the law.\
  • Firearms are like tools and equipment which break and are disposed of so reporting destroyed firearms is unnecessary.
  • Law will be ignored by criminals

Persons affected:

  • Crime victims
  • Law abiding gun owners

The Governor requires all comments on bills to be submitted via a page on the governors website. You can do so here.

Make sure to :

  • Select House bill : HB.
  • Select the bill number : 720.
  • Select : OPPOSE.
  • Write a meaningful message.

    Thanks for doing your part, Dont forget to share this with other gun owners and second amendment supporters.
    Your action today makes for a better tomorrow.