Report Title: Honolulu Police Department Package; Firearms; Licenses to Carry; Fees
Description: Establishes the Attorney General’s authority, and clarifies the respective county police chiefs’ existing authority, to grant licenses to carry concealed or unconcealed firearms. Specifies training requirements for license applicants. Amends the fee from a per-license to a per-application basis and increases the fee.
Package: Honolulu Police Department
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Introducer(s): SAIKI (Introduced by request of another party)

HIFICO’s position: OPPOSE

  • Is still may issue.
  • Fee is $100 for APPLICATION (you pay this even if you don’t get a permit). 
  • $150 of training required each year.
  • bans open carry for no security guards.

HB1598 on the surface seems like a good idea, it would take the decision to issue carry permits away from the county police departments and move it to the Attorney General office.

The reason we oppose this bill is it would still provide that permits are MAY issue, this keeps the status quo, where a person is not guaranteed to be issued a permit should they apply.

The fee for the permit is cost-prohibitive, the claim is being made that the $100 price tag in this bill is to cover the actual cost of issuing the permit.  A person applying for a permit would have already undergone a strict vetting process when obtaining their firearm, a NICS check takes less than 30 minutes to conduct and is free when ran by an approved agency. Honolulu issues driver licenses that are valid for two years and cost only $10.

The training requirements in this bill would require a person to have take the basic pistol course within the last 6 months. This would mean a person applying for a permit every year would, in fact, have to take the basic pistol course each and every year. On average the cost of the pistol course is $150. This in combination with the license fee would equate to $250 each and every year just to be able to defend themselves.

Depending on the study you look (A) at between 3.5 and 7.7 percent of the adult population have a concealed carry permit. If Hawaii was to start issuing permits and we applied the same percentages Hawaii would have to issue somewhere between 35,000 and 77,000 permits each year. At $100 per permit, the AG’s office would incur an income of 3.5-7.7 million dollars a year, this is between 5-10% of the AG’s total budget (B).

With Hawaii issuing permits only for 1 year even on the low end of the estimate the AG’s office would need to process 134 permits a day 5 days a week to be able to hand them all. Whereas issuing a 5-year permit as is done in most states (C) that number becomes much more manageable at 26 a day. The fee also becomes much more manageable at $20 per year (based on $100 per license)

(A) https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/03/06/fact-check-what-percentage-of-americans-have-concealed-carry-permits/
(B) https://ballotpedia.org/Attorney_General_of_Hawaii
(C) https://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/rpt/2013-R-0048.htm