HIFICO Annual Meeting 2019

Hawaii Firearms Coalition hosts our first Annual Meeting to discuss our business mattes, past achievements, and future projects. We will go over our lawsuits, legislature rally, road march, and what new legislation to expect next year. We plan on fighting an “assault weapon” ban, ammo background checks, and rifle magazine ban along with pushing for better self-defense laws. We will have an optional potluck dinner along with refreshments for everyone.

All 2nd Amendment Patriots are invited. Please RSVP your attendance via email at info@hifico.org or on Facebook.

This event will be livestreamed on Facebook and through Cisco Webex (for those without FB) starting at 5pm.

Oahu Veterans Center
1298 Kukila St, Honolulu, Hawaii

Saturday November 23, 2019
4:30 PM – Social and Potluck
5:00 PM – Meeting starts, livestream begins
6:30 PM – Meeting ends, livestream ends