Don’t come to Hawaii

If you Belive in the Right to Bear Arms, Don’t Come to Hawaii.

If you would like to let, the government of the State of Hawaii know that you will be taking your hard-earnt money elsewhere due to their anti-gun stance and their unwillingness to allow law-abiding citizens like yourself to defend themselves, fill out the form below, and it will automatically be sent to every state of Hawaii legislator. The only thing they appear to care about is tourists and their money, maybe by letting them know how much they are losing they will reconsider. 

Hawaii is the only state in the nation to deny 100% of the people within its borders the right to self-defense.It has issued ZERO concealed or open carry for more than a decade. It has no reciprocation with any other state. It even makes it so those that qualify under LEOSA can not do so. 

More then 10% of the adult population of the United States has a concealed carry permit. Why? Because they belive in the right to self-defense. Hawaii, however, does not trust these citizens with that ability and denies anyone that is not a government employee the ability to do so. 

Over the last few years, Hawaii has seen a rapid uptick in attacks on tourists and residents alike. Between May 1st and October 1st in Waikiki alone (The tourist hub of Hawaii), there has been more than 300 violent crimes and across Oahu more than 88 crimes involving weapons. (source) One day in November, on Oahu, we had four armed robberies. 

Very few of these crimes make the news due to the efforts of many in the media and government to portray Hawaii as some paradise. Homeless ness is on the rise, and with it drug use, Methathtamine use is running rampant across the state, and along with the rest of the country, we see the ever-growing presence of opioid use. The news stories that are reported are often so horrific they can not be ignored. The Japanese government recently issued a warning to its citizens about the dangers of visiting the state after a couple was savagely beaten in Honolulu.

News stories of attacks on tourists :

Japanese couple attacked in Honolulu face $50,000 in medical costs

Man, 32, charged after unprovoked attack on Waikiki tourist

Tourist hurt in unprovoked attack while trying to check out of Waikiki hotel

Japanese Tourist Allegedly Lured Woman to Hawaii Hotel Room, Where Husband Raped, Assaulted Her

This is just a small sample of the attacks that have happened in recent years. These attacks don’t just happen to tourists. Every year thousands of crimes occur against Hawaii’s residents and tourists, and should they use force to defend themselves, they often find themselves the subject of criminal investigations. 

Hawaii’s laws are so poorly written that the burden of proof often falls on the victims of crimes to prove their innocence when defending themselves, and should they succeeded, they can find themselves the subject of civil litigation and vilification by the media.

If you are a firm believer in the second amendment and the right to bear arms for defence, then our advice would be, take your vacation in a state where you can defend yourself or your family should the need arise. Sad to say this is not Hawaii

The form below will be sent to the state legislators. Let them know where you will be going on vacation this year instead of visiting Hawaii.