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"There were 952 robberies in 2019, which was up from 807 in 2018. While there was only a slight increase in purse snatchings in 2019, the first month of 2020 saw a significant rise. “January 2020 ... See more

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The bill that would have prohibited ownership of any magazine holding more than 10 rounds, including rifles, is dead. It will not go to the governor to be passed into ... See more

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Register to Vote Online! Primaries registration deadline is July 9 at 4:30pm.

Your vote DOES make a difference with some district races won by a few votes. My Rep in Aiea ... See more

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Honolulu Police Department is yet again showing it's incompetence when it comes to firearms. With thousands of firearms being sold since the pandemic started, many are finding it impossible to ... See more

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On top as submitting testimony for the bills being heard tomorrow you need to Call AND e-mail , if you get voice mail, leave a message.

These are the bills up for hearing:
HB1902 Magazine ban/Family ... See more

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A 2nd hearing has been scheduled in the House PVM/JUD committees for these two gun control bills. Short notice, but get these written testimonies in. Capitol is closed to ... See more

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note:. You must resubmit testimony even if you submitted prior to June.

As reported in our earlier post, the Hawaii legislature is resuming their session with ... See more

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Whilst in the middle of a pandemic, Hawaii legislators are still hard at work pushing Gun control bills, its almost as if they care more about infringing on the second amendment than they do about ... See more

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Hawaii News Now

Who didn’t wanna wait 10 weeks for a permit?

Police say a dark-colored Toyota pickup slammed into the security gate at WGS Gun Shop on Sand Island Access Road early this morning.

READ MORE: https://buff.ly/2YLWbCR

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Mahalo to all the modern day minutemen who came out to the Capitol to stop infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights. 2-27-2020