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Who didn’t wanna wait 10 weeks for a permit?

Police say a dark-colored Toyota pickup slammed into the security gate at WGS Gun Shop on Sand Island Access Road early this morning.

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Cold Dead Hands

🤣🤣🤣 This whole gun is a safety. 🤣🤣🤣
Explaining gun safety to gun grabbers.

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HIFICO Director Todd Yukutake was successful in his lawsuit against the Honolulu Police Department and has entered into a settlement agreement with them.

This agreement ... See more

2 months ago

Construction work on the Koko head (illegal) trail may impact range activity’s.


2 months ago

Hey, Andrew will be live on Gun Talk radio this morning at 8:30am

You can listen in via https://guntalk.com/gun-talk-radio/live-streaming

We’re going to be talking about the permit issues and ... See more

3 months ago
Attorney Alan Beck

The 9th Circuit Court of appeals has stayed (put on hold) Judge Benitez's ruling in the Federal district court for Rhodes v Becerra. This lawsuit was challenging California's law on background ... See more

Ammo case was been stayed law is back in place.
Online 66 04/24/2020 ORDER of USCA as to 64 Notice of Interlocutory Appeal to the 9th Circuit filed by Xavier Becerra. The USCA has received ... See more

3 months ago
The lowdown on lockdowns

Photo by Charley Myers Feeling cooped up by the curfews and quarantines? You’re not alone. As Hawaii’s statewide COVID-19 lockdown has stretched now beyond a month, the Grassroot Institute of ... See more

3 months ago

HPD has setup a website to make appointments for firearms transactions. At time of writing appointments are 2 weeks out, although this may soon become an even longer wait.

To make and appointment ... See more

4 months ago
Attorney Alan Beck

From HIFICO attorney Alan Beck.

This document contains more then 5000 pages, it shows everything the govement has ever done with regards to bump stocks.

Take a look if you have time, let us know ... See more

This is the administrative record for our bump stock case it is over 5 thousand pages. It has everything you could possible need to know about them. Please take a look and reshare this post. ... See more

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