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Photos from Hawaii Firearms Coalition's post

For those that were looking for shirts, you can now get them on the web store. We have sizes upto to 3x available in a selection of colors.


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Let's try this again,


So, HIFICO has been built from the ground up over the last 2 years, we've had a lot of ups and ... See more

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A few weeks back we told you the story of Alanoa Nickel And how he was being denied the right to bear arms. Honolulu police department and the state of Hawaii denied him his rights based purely on ... See more

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You can still register and vote on the same day statewide. Please spend the 15 minutes it takes to vote for candidates supporting the 2nd Amendment. If you still have your ballot, take it to the ... See more

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Anything is possible...it just depends on how much effort you put into it.

Change my mind.

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Over the last several years, there has been some confusion over to the legality of magazines that have a capacity of more than ten rounds in the state of Hawaii. We hope to clear up this confusion. ... See more

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From KITV4,
"Man violates restraining order, assaults woman with baseball bat in Kalihi.

He was also arrested for prior Assault in the second degree, Terroristic Threatening, Abuse of Family or ... See more

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Earthquakes are hard to predict. The island of Hawaii experiences them on a nearly daily basis. Just this morning, they experienced a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

These earthquakes have the potential ... See more

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A few weeks back a gentleman by the name of Alanoa Nickel reached out to us because he wanted to purchase a firearm and ws being denied that right by HPD.

Mr. Nickel was born in ... See more

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What do you need for 2 weeks worth of food?

We always get told to have14 days of food on hand for an emergency, but they never seem to tell you what to get.

In an emergency situation, having food ... See more

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Mahalo to all the modern day minutemen who came out to the Capitol to stop infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights. 2-27-2020