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#wethepeople have stopped the Assault Weapon Ban for this year, but that’s only 1/2 the fight!

For the decision making today on SB301, the bill was striped of all language regarding "assault" ... See more

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Our rights are slowly being eroded. What are being claimed as common sense gun laws, will eventually leave you with nothing.

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HFSN (Episode 2 part 1) 2A Hawaii Firearms Coalition Rally

Hawaii Free Speech News met up with Todd Yukutake and Andrew Namiki Roberts from HIFICO (Hawaii Firearms Coalition) https://hifico.org to discuss their annua...

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Join our brothers and sisters on Maui for their 2A Rally tomorrow. We're getting a large following there from hunters, recreational shooters, and those wanting arms for self-defense, especially with ... See more

2 weeks ago
Active Self Protection

The second webinar is from our friends at Active Self Protection about what to do after a self-defense incident. This will be important in our push for Stand Your Ground laws and CCW in Hawaii. ... See more

Hey everyone, this month's online seminar is all about Winning the Fight After the Fight! We will have special guest Terry Johnson from @firearmslegal with us to talk about how the process goes and ... See more

2 weeks ago

So we have spent years fighting magazine capacity bans.

This year @gunmagwarehouse joined the list of company’s that won’t ship Hawaii legal magazines to the state. (More of these posts will ... See more

2 weeks ago

SB301 (assault weapons ban) is up for decision making.
YOU NEED TO CALL NOW! Even if you called or submitted testimony previously.

Laura Acasio : 586-6760
Jarrett Keohokalole : 587-7215
Donna ... See more

2 weeks ago
HIFICO sign waving: 2021

Thank you to those that joined us yesterday. It was a fun event and the weather mostly held out.

Only 2 pilua people decided to flip us off whilst driving by, hundreds more tooted in support of the ... See more

2 weeks ago

Hanging out with the guys and girls who support the 2A

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Mahalo to all the modern day minutemen who came out to the Capitol to stop infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights. 2-27-2020